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Our residential construction services are among the most recommended in Asheville. We specialize in custom home design and building guaranteed to suit your every needs.

We offer a wide range of construction services to discerning home owners to help them get the home of their dreams. We are construction specialists in Asheville that specialize in quality, custom-built homes of the highest quality. The Asheville Homes Transformation process is a detailed and comprehensive process between our team and yours that ensures that all the elements and ideas that mean a lot to you are incorporated into the construction project right from the design phase. Our team members work with you all through the design and pre-construction phase to provide a cost-effective budget using only the best and most reliable building materials. We also provide you with a schedule that is planned out in such a way that you know what to expect and when.

Our business success is built on many years of delivering schedule certainty, value-driven construction solutions, and excellent customer satisfaction to all our clients. With hundreds of building projects in our portfolio, we are able to help you construct traditional or custom homes. We have the skill, the team, ideas and experience required to construct any type of new home whether bungalow, ranch, semi-detached, town home or colonial.

Having a Design/Build contract allows you to reduce your risks, costs and project timeline as we can design and begin construction almost at the same time. We can perform all the required construction work using our own network of designers, engineers and vendors who are able to provide the highest quality of service at the best prices for you. Unlike other general contractors, our work does not finish on the job site. We are with you all the way from pre-construction to the final walk-through, post-construction inspection and your eventual moving up. Our clients’ complete satisfaction is our priority, and this is an important service point for us.

Trust Asheville Home Transformation with your home construction in Asheville, NC and be rest assured that you are working with the best local home builders in Asheville. Call us today on 828 747-8567 or send an email to info@ashevillehomestransformation.com to speak with a representative.

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Build or renovate your home in Asheville with us. We offer both interior and exterior renovation services for residential and commercial structures, guaranteeing you a result that exceeds your dreams

Renovation (sometimes referred to as remodeling) is the process of improving a damaged or outdated building structure. Renovations can either be interior or exterior. Depending on your budget, a home renovation in Asheville can produce more value than ground-up construction. The result of a renovation could also be an expansion, retrofit or other types of improvements and enhancements to the structure.

Home renovation in Asheville takes a process that we help to make as simple as possible so that your dreams become a reality. Once you have contacted us, we will arrange a meeting with our design team who will work with you to make sure your home turns out better than you imagined. Here are a few steps in a typical home renovation in Asheville:

Site Visit

This involves looking at your home and the land to inspect the existing state of certain features that may be related to the work you want to do. The features assessed during the site visit include:
-Water placements
-Grade and slope of the land
-Condition of the walls and main structure
-Foundation and soil
-Exterior factors like sewer and trees

Design services & 3D-modeling

This involves putting your home renovation plans to paper to see what the final result should look like. This also involves working with you to make necessary adjustments to the design and turn these into engineering blueprints. This stage also involves ensuring that the proposed modifications are in line with building codes and required permits are obtained. We can also provide you with a 3D color rendering of the new expansions or additions you are making to your home to give you an idea of what to expect once the project is completed.

Our home renovation services in Asheville cover a wide range of services both interior and exterior in commercial and residential areas. These include the following services:

-Kitchen and bathroom remodeling
-Interior painting and drywalling
-Flooring stripping and replacement
-Laundry and plumbing facility upgrades
-Window replacement
-Roofing and gutters
-Balcony and deck rebuilding
-Sidewalk and concrete repairs

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Asheville Home Transformation offers you a wide range of services from small repairs to parts of your home to large construction for both interior and exterior home renovation in Asheville. We also assist with foundation repairs, replacement of external walls, roofs, doors and other important parts of your home.

If you are from Asheville and are looking to renovate your home, contact us at Asheville Home Transformation, the best local home builder in Asheville for all construction, renovation and general contractor services. Contact us today on telephone on 828 747-8567 or via email on info@ashevillehomestransformation.com to schedule a free appointment with one of our specialists.

Clean lines house Best builder in Ashevilla

We successfully delivered big projects like retail stores, restaurant renovations, hospitals and building projects.

At Asheville Home Transformation, we understand what it takes to bring a custom building to completion from scratch. We follow the same standard of quality and professionalism when dealing with big construction projects in Asheville also. Every project we undertake is given the same excellent treatment of quality service delivery within budget and timelines that we give even small renovation works. Our attention to detail and commitment to professional service is why we are trusted with big projects such as retail centers, building complex constructions and other major projects.

We have an extensive portfolio if working with several large commercial clients that have proven that we have the pedigree and experience to manage projects of any size or scale. We help our clients with the planning, design and building process to ensure that projects are implemented and completed within budget and schedule.

Why choose us for your big projects?

Experience – With many years of experience as home builders in Asheville, we understand what it takes to do the job properly. From basic repairs, to designs to renovation and building homes, we know what is required and know how best to schedule the work and subcontractors to ensure that projects are delivered in time.

Reputation – Our watch word is to ensure our clients are totally satisfied and this has been how our reputation for quality work and customer service was built. We are one of the best home builders in Asheville and have been recognized for our past successful projects.

Manpower – Asheville Homes Transformation is made up of experienced, qualified and dedicated staff that can be deployed quickly to any project site on short notice. We have all the resources that you need to undertake your project within budget and schedule.

Our work speaks for us

We have worked with a wide range of clients in many industries and have created full exterior buildings to industrial workspaces. No matter the scale of your project, trust Asheville Home Transformation to provide you with quality service quality at all times. Whether you need a retail facility, restaurant renovation, shopping mall construction or public park installations, we are the best local home builders in Asheville that you can count on for your large project.


Sometimes you may need the advice of a profession builder in Asheville to give you an opinion about a project. A building consultant is usually engaged to provide solutions or insights to specific issues relating to new buildings, renovations, insurance or permit applications. When it comes to investigations or rebuilding projects, you need to hire a building consultant to get the best advice on what to do.

Our building consultants at Asheville Home Transformation have many years of experience that is useful in assessing each case on its unique circumstances, understanding the situation and delivering useful consulting help. We can help you in many ways include causation reports, insurance damage estimates, disaster recovery reports, quantity surveying reports and other consulting services.

How can we help you?

We provide consulting services to various industries, depending on what the client needs. Our team consists of building designers, service engineers and structural engineers with many years of experience in dealing with many different situations. Our consulting services include the following:

-Providing advice on building construction projects
-Developing and co-ordinating building designs and plans
-Advising on material usage and tender documentation
-Independent assessment of contractors’ work

Building contractor management

We can help you to organize contractors to a project site and provide estimates of project requirements in terms of manpower as well as likely timelines to expect. We help both insurers and policyholders provide reliable, cost-efficient contractors to carry out any building project.

Restoration and insurance audits

When a building suffers damage, an insurance company most times want a detailed report of root cause to determine liability, extent of damage and repair. With our experience as home builders in Asheville, we can help you to provide a detailed report of the damage whether it is caused by water, fire, wind or any other natural disaster. We also provide estimates of materials and completion timelines. Our reports are easy to understand and detailed enough to ensure that your home repairs are fully covered by the insurer.
Why choose us for your construction consulting in Asheville?

We are one of the best home builders in Asheville and have the experience and expertise to help you make the best decisions regarding your building project, proposed renovations or insurance claims. Our services are:

-Cost effective – We help you save money by providing quotes from the most reliable suppliers in the industry. We also recommend the best methods to produce the best results.
-Convenient – We provide you with quality reports and evaluations that will ensure that your construction project goes on without a hitch. Our reports are done quickly and comprehensively.
-Timely – We save you time as our diverse team can work on any project on short notice.

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Do you have a project that requires a building consultant in Asheville? Contact us today to book an appointment with one of our representatives.


We provide building architectural design and construction to help clients bring their dreams to life within budget and on time.

Asheville Home Transformation is one of the best construction companies in Asheville that has the capacity to help you. We know that sometimes you have a dream for a custom home and need a reliable builder to help you bring this to life. We employ a step-by-step approach to approach building design and architecture with the help of you as the client. Constant communication and collaboration form the basis of the design and helps to ensure that potential problems are eliminated early on and the design is done in a timely way.

Many more clients are now looking for design architects who can help to develop custom homes and structures that meet specific requires. No matter how complicated your home design is, our team of in-house architects and designers are able to get the blueprints done and hand it over to the building team to bring your dreams to reality.

Our building design process is painstaking and ensures that your project is in line with all your requirements for comfort, quality, budget and compliance with local building codes and regulations. Construction takes a lot of effort and details and nothing can be overlooked. This is why our design team works closely with you as the client and the building team to ensure that your project meet your expectation.

Our architects and engineers will ensure that your project design is made to meet all necessary building codes and your requirements too. Whether a new home construction in Asheville or a renovation, trust us to deliver exactly what you ordered to you.

We take pride in being one of the best home builders in Asheville and assure you of a pleasant experience in building the home of your dreams. Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our representatives.