Inside renovation

Inside Renovation

When it comes to renovating the interior of your home, it pays to work with a reliable and experienced home contractor in Asheville. For many years, Asheville Home Transformation has been the top choice home builder in Asheville for home renovations. We provide experienced workmen that will assess your current home and design improvements that will enhance the quality of living and aesthetics.

Inside renovation can sometimes be as simple as changing floorboards or as complicated as redoing entire sections of the house like kitchen or baths. Our team ensures that no building codes are affected during the renovation work or wiring, or plumbing affected. We work with the existing building plan to create a modern plan for the home, helping you live more comfortably and increase your home value.

Instead of demolishing areas of the home without knowing the cost of repair, we do a detailed analysis of your home to provide you with an estimate of the project in terms of cost and time lines. We also get all the necessary building and regulatory approvals for all the modifications to be done to the house. If there are renovations that are covered by insurance, we have experience in preparing home inspection reports and quotes for the insurance company.

Achieving your desired results is a result of good communication. When you get in touch with us, we will schedule a consultation with you to get your ideas and agree on the scope of work. Once this is done, we will produce detailed sketches of what the renovation will entail. Our designers can even provide a graphical preview of the look that we are trying to achieve. We work with the best suppliers in Asheville and North Carolina to ensure that you get the best quality materials for your home renovations. We also provide accurate quotes with no hidden charges.

Talk to us today about your home renovation project and let us turn your house into the home of your dreams.