House is a dream for a common man. Most of the people want to have good house for them and they want to live happily in that house. We constructed three houses, during this tenure I came to know about basic things about construction. I am sharing my experiences through this website. Some of the basic ideas will give you better understanding of construction.You can plan your work in a better way. Go through About Us page to know about our experience on house construction field.  

While constructing house if you are not aware of the basic information, there is a great chance to loose  money, time and quality in construction. You should have basic knowledge so that you can save money, time and material. Since 80% of the persons will construct only one house. So by the time they realize they made a mistake, people will not get a chance to rectify the mistakes. This website will give you a heads-up on few of the house construction phases.

We constructed our house in Bangalore. So most of the methods/ processes are best matched to Bangalore area (May be related to South India). Most of the photos are also taken from this area

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